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Icon Painting Method, Materials and Techniques

Ioannis Petrakis paints Byzantine Icons using only the traditional painting methods and natural, organic materials. This authentic and historic approach encompasses all aspects of the icon painting process including details such as the following...

Oak and chestnut woods are used.

Organic glue mixed with gesso is used to prepare the canvas.

The background is created using genuine gold-leaf.

Egg, vinegar and natural pigments are prepared on a wooden base to make up the organic paints which give the icons their distinctive and vivid colours.

The paint is applied to the canvas using natural animal hair brushes, primarily beaver hair.

Natural resin gum varnish is utilised.

This faithful adherence to the centuries old techniques of the icon painter ensures that the works of Ioannis Petrakis are truly authentic in artistic creation and expression.

The Byzantine Icon Workshop and Studio of Ioannis and Yiorgia Petrakis in Elounda, Crete, Greece. Traditional Greek Icons from The Cretan School of Icon Painting.